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Miniature Diaphragm pump (DC) (Mini/Micro Vacuum pump / Gas or Water pump)

A.Technical Concept

  1. Miniature vacuum pump (Mini / Micro Vacuum Pump), also known as water, gas and dual Micro pump (Micro Air / Water Pump) or micro-diaphragm pump (Micro Diaphragm Pump), using the media, it can be divided into gas, liquid, gas-liquid mixture of three kinds.
  2. Miniature Diaphragm Pump / Vacuum Pump is the benefit of a direct drive motor and a crank shaft components to eccentric rotation, push the diaphragm back and forth agitation, so do reciprocating diaphragm movement, the formation of suction and discharge pressure.
  3. When the Miniature Diaphragm Pump piston moves to the back, the diaphragm gradually concave, expanded the volume of diaphragm chamber, the pressure also decreases. When the pressure is lower than the inlet pressure, the pump inlet valve opens , fluid / gas flow into diaphragm cavity. When the piston moves to the ending point, the maximum size of the pump chamber, the pressure to a minimum, fluid / gas filled diaphragm chamber, the inlet valve is closed.
  4. After inhalation process is completed, the process of extrusion begin. When the piston moves forward, the diaphragm expand slowly, the volume of diaphragm cavity is shrinking, the pressure in cavity cause expand, the outlet valve is pushed open, fluid / gas is pushed out of the pump chamber. When the piston reaches outside the only point, outlet valve was closed due to gravity, fluid discharge, diaphragm began a new inhalation process. So it forms a constant suction and discharge, it turns to a sustained and stable output.

B.Product Specification

  1. Miniature Diaphragm Pump series have 4.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 13.8V, 24V;
  2. According to customer specifications and choose the DC motor, and with the size structure of the series, the formation of performance at all levels, designed a number of products;
  3. This stage A23 series,A38 series,R27 series and R40 series,each series of the motor to match the application access to water (cover) a variety of models, and the pressure / flow parameters will be standard parts or customer design to coding form;
  4. Pump performance parameters are flow and head, in addition to shaft power, speed. Flow per unit time is the output of liquid through the pump volume, the general volume of traffic; head is the unit weight of transmission fluid from the pump inlet to the outlet of the energy increment, usually expressed in head.

C.Product technical data

    Series Voltage
    Flow rate
    Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
    A23 6 12 50 200 6 50 250 ≤-0.25 2500
    A38 12 24 600 1200 5 800 1200 ≤-0.25 3000
    R27 6 24 20 200 4 300 800 ≤-0.25 2500
    R40 6 24 800 1800 3 1000 2500 ≤-0.25 4000

D.Product performance

  1. Liquid should be no debris blocking the diaphragm back and forth in order to avoid encouraging the room to cause damage;
  2. The working environment: ambient temperature -10 to 80 degrees Celsius. High-temperature environment: according to customer requirements, the water pump in case of 80-100 degrees to work; these pumps need to change the material level, to enhance resistance to temperature;
  3. Medium: the temperature below 60 ℃;
  4. Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa;
  5. Flow: demand for a steady flow of users, the margin was <±10%;
  6. Low noise: noise lower than the average pump, between the 40-50dBA, based on flows upward;
  7. A self-priming function;
  8. To run empty, the pump will not overheat;
  9. High aerodynamic performance, durability, compact size;
  10. Reliable dynamic seal to ensure no leakage; Key components to ensure reliable, long-life applications and sophisticated traffic.

E.Installation & Packing

    Mounting direction Level of the pump should be installed; For vertical installation, the pump head should be facing down.


  1. The supply of fluid features
    Such as: Coffee machine, tea pot, water heater / kettle, water dispenser / drinking machine, full bath, irrigation system / equipment.
  2. Fuel efficient / energy-saving features
    Such as: all kinds of machine tools, fuel and equipment.
  3. Cooling / water circulatory function
    Such as: medical systems / equipment, automation equipment, electronic refrigerator, small indoor and outdoor fountains, solar fountain, aquarium fish tank, hot and cold mattress, cushion or care products.
  4. Drainage
    Such as: mobile air conditioning.
  5. Wash function
    Such as: various types of car wash systems / equipment.

MICRO PUMP products

  • Miniature Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump A23 Series
  • Miniature Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump R40 Series
  • Solenoid Pump M Series
  • Solenoid Pump F Series
  • Solenoid Pump H Series
  • Solenoid Pump HF Series
  • Solenoid Pump E Series
  • Brushless Pump BL23 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL30 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL36 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL45 Series

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