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MICRO PUMP products

ET TECH is a professional design and manufacturing micropump manufacturer. With years of design and manufacturing experience, professional technology and experienced team, committed to comprehensive technology and quality, low price and the high quality manufacturing micropump, to meet the demand of the market, the product sells to China and exported all over the world, access to each big customer high praise.

In the home appliance, medical, equipment and each big industry application to tiny pump to increase, and enhance the product function, become the trend. The pump's specifications and requirements also relatively ascension and diversity. Therefore, in addition to people from all walks of life in the application of the products BiaoZhunGui particularly, the company according to the customer's product characteristics, design more appropriate specifications, in order to exert its product the best function, to customers is successful, we finished the idea of responsibility.

Micro Pump Category:

  1. Solenoid Pump
  2. Brushless DC Pump
  3. Micro Vacuum Pump / Micro Diaphragm Pump(DC)

Other Micro Pump matching accessories:

  1. Valves
  2. pcb
  3. Heat

MICRO PUMP products

  • Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump A23 Series
  • Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump R40 Series
  • Solenoid Pump M Series
  • Solenoid Pump F Series
  • Solenoid Pump H Series
  • Solenoid Pump HF Series
  • Solenoid Pump E Series
  • Brushless Pump BL23 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL30 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL36 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL45 Series

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