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solenoid pump ( Electromagnetic / Suction / Piston pump )

A.Technical Concept

    Solenoid pump is the use of magnetic field and current interactions, the current through the solenoid winding, forming a fixed alternating magnetic field, to promote the plunger to cover sports, resulting in pressure to promote fluid output.

B.Product Specification

  1. We are based on pressure, flow specification, designed as M / F / H / HF / E / ML / X / B of the series.
  2. The series of Solenoid pumps are respectively, by c-UL, VDE, c-ETL, TUV and other product safety certification.
  3. Respectively, the series of Solenoid pump through the environmental and materials testing: RoHs, REACH, PAHs, FDA (USA), NSF (Euro).
  4. The Standard Pump is applied for the market and popularity of the use. After years of production and supply, quality is matured. Price is very competitive.
  5. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet individual customer needs.
  6. Solenoid pump working voltage and frequency including:
  7. Country Voltage / Frequency Country Voltage / Frequency
    AC USA 120V 60Hz China 220V 50Hz
    Euro 220V-240V 50Hz Taiwan 110V/220V 60 Hz
    Japan 100V 50/60Hz Korea 110V/220V 60Hz

C.Product technical data

    Series Power
    Flow rate@0 Bar
    Working mode
    Min. Max.
    M 18 4.0 50 250 -0.40 <45 Continuous
    M With Potentiometer and Frequency Modulation Board 7 4.0 15 70 -0.40 <35 Continuous
    M With Frequency Modulation Board 5 4.0 10 60 -0.40 <30 Continuous
    E 16 4.0 50 210 -0.40 <50 Continuous
    E With Frequency Modulation Board 3 4.0 25 60 -0.40 <30 Continuous
    E With Potentiometer and Frequency Modulation Board 5 4.0 25 75 -0.40 <30 Continuous
    F 25 3.0 500 1200 -0.35 <50 2min. on 1min. off
    H 21 7.0 70 300 -0.40 <50 Continuous
    HF 21 3.0 300 700 -0.35 <50 Continuous
    ML 18 6.0 50 200 -0.40 <40 Continuous

D.Product performance

  1. Room temperature at 25℃ (Testing condition )
  2. Ideal fluid : water at 25℃
  3. Self-priming at 0 bar
  4. Double insulation
  5. Integrated diode (Optional)
  6. Thermal cutout pocket
  7. Suitable to dry-use only during priming

E.Installation & Packing

    Installation   Any position and direction
    Mounting   Easy and reliable. If use rubber stand for pump fixation, can minimize the noise.
    Terminal   Fast-on type, 6.3 x 0.8 mm terminal, strong and reliable for connection.
    Rubber cover   Fixed In/Outlet with rubber cover to avoid any particles to get inside the pump.
    Metal parts   Must be free of corrosion.
    Functional   No leakage and back flow of water is allowed.
    Packing   Fulfills transportation test with master carton, for behavior in climatic and drop test.


  1. Beverage dispensing
  2. abbr.:Espresso coffee machines, Coffee makers, Tea pot
  3. Steam generating
  4. abbr. :Steam irons, Steam stations, Ironing presses,Steam Vacuum cleaners, Steam mop, Steam micowave, steam food cooker, steam oven, rate hood with auto-clean,Jewelry steam cleaners, Dental steam cleaners, Disco smoker, Misting Fan;
  5. Water Gasifying / cooling / water circulation function
  6. abbr. :Remote air conditioners, Clinical instuments, Medical equipment, Industrial machinery; Other new innovation products

H.Testing Procedure


MICRO PUMP products

  • Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump A23 Series
  • Diaphragm Pump/vacuum Pump R40 Series
  • Solenoid Pump M Series
  • Solenoid Pump F Series
  • Solenoid Pump H Series
  • Solenoid Pump HF Series
  • Solenoid Pump E Series
  • Brushless Pump BL23 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL30 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL36 Series
  • Brushless Pump BL45 Series

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