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Cold performance
Solenoid pump M Series

Solenoid pump M Series

Steam Mop Steam microwave
Steam Cleaner Mobile air conditioner
Steam Station Medical equipment
Perm machine Sterilizers
Garment Steamer
Product Feature
Flow Rate controlled within ±10g;
Available for acid and alkaline liquid;
Continuous stable working;
Silent and Long life span;
Good Sealing, No leakage of liquid;
Self-priming Ability.
Voltage 24-240V/50-60Hz
Power 18W
Ideal Fluid 20°C liquid
Room Temperature At 25℃
Ambient Temperature 0℃~60℃
Working mode Continuous
Insulation level Class F
Integrate(Optional) Diode,R2000 2000v
Max. Pressure 4.0Bar
Flow Rate (0bar) 50-250 ml/min
Noise(1M) <45dB
Life Above 500 hrs
Dry pumping function Not Available
Installation Not for under water
Weight 125g
Dimension 76.50*38.00*41.60mm
Mechanical Drawing & Dimension
Solenoid pump M Series

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